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Appalachian Arts Alliance's mission is to activate our community through arts education, entrepreneurship, and practice. 


Appalachian Arts Alliance was founded in 2013 as a result of a community visioning session in the rural Eastern Kentucky community of Hazard, KY. From this session arose the need for arts programming and education. AppalArts began serving its community immediately by developing partnerships with local arts groups and launching programming opportunities such as bringing Smithsonian exhibits and taking on the programming role of the former Greater Hazard Area Performing Arts Series. Community led and volunteer driven, AppalArts seeked to expand its capacity to provide arts access. In 2018, AppalArts hired its first Executive Director. Remaining community and volunteer driven but with added capacity for projects, AppalArts launched its public art series HazART, expanded its arts education program (now called Hazard Arts Academy), and is the keystone of arts access in its home community of Hazard and Perry County. 

Appalachian Arts Alliance currently operates many community arts education and creative community programs including Hazard Arts Academy, HazART, Thursdays on the Triangle, and more! 

We are currently renovating our physical space, the ArtStation, with plans for a grand opening in late 2019.

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